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Karuna Ki Reiki Healing

What is Karuna Ki Reiki?

Karuna Ki is the next step after Usui Reiki, taught only to Reiki Masters. It is a heart centered energy healing method and translates to “The Way of Compassionate Energy”. Similar to Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki is a hands on and hands off energy healing technique that allows the practitioner to channel life-force energy into the recipient’s body for healing. Karuna Ki can do no harm and is guided by loving intent. It differs from Usui Reiki in that it specifically focuses the frequency of loving compassionate energy from Source with the intention of spreading divine compassion and healing to recipients as well as throughout the world by practicing the Karuna Ki principals daily. Like Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki is not a religion, but rather a healing and meditative practice designed to cultivate compassion.

What is Karuna Ki used for?

There are several aspects of Karuna Ki which include healing, meditation (Karuna Ki Do), and toning. Karuna Ki healing uses the connection to the Way of Compassion to bring compassionate life energy into a person to heal and balance.

Most people feel a significant difference between the energies of Usui Reiki and those of Karuna Ki, although they are related. The Karuna Ki system evolved from Usui Reiki and has been designed to incorporate new developments and techniques in a manner that resonates with Loving Compassionate Energy. Despite having evolved from Usui Reiki, though, Karuna Ki is a unique creation that is separate and different from Reiki systems that have come before it.

What is Usui Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic non-invasive treatment that promotes deep relaxation and supports healing. It is administered non touch or via Distance session and reduces stress, pain, anxiety, and tension while bringing a person's system back into balance on all levels- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


⦁ Reiki treatments stimulate the body’s own innate wisdom for healing. Reiki works as a complementary treatment and supports any and all conventional medical treatments. 

   ⦁ As stress, tension and pain are reduced, the body can begin to relax and release the trauma, illness, and imbalances. 

 ⦁ Reiki supports healing while bringing peace to the body, emotions and mind. 

 ⦁ Reiki treatments are adaptable to any environment and everyone can benefit. 

 ⦁ Reiki has no known contraindications or negative side-effects. 

 ⦁ Reiki is appropriate and helpful for people of any age and with any condition - newborns, children, teens, adults, and seniors.

What to expect from your session

I am so glad to hear you’d like the session. Some folks feel that this is against their religion. I don’t agree with this. You see, this is a healing meditation. You aren’t required to do anything but meditate.
Reiki was created in Japan as a way to honor Jesus by healing people.
I can’t read your future. I am not a psychic. I AM a healer- but for Reiki, I don’t use my own power- I use God’s power.
I have studied for years to learn to be a conduit of healing. I have been trained with special, holy words that when said, allow Reiki energy to flow. I am much like a priest.
Reiki energy is your life force energy- literally the energy that makes your heart beat, the energy of your emotions & the energy of the soul.
Prior to the session we will discuss via DM or email what emotional/physical issues you’d like help with. At the session time all you do is meditate. I create the session as if you are in front of me.
The Reiki then flows to the areas of your greatest good- meaning it might heal more than what you’ve listed in order to help you. For example- you may say you have financial problems. The Reiki then flows to heal your self esteem. Once you gain self esteem, you are able to have the courage to go on the job interview & land the job of your dreams. You did get a better financial situation- just not in the manner you thought. God knows your Divine plan & He will heal what you need- when you need it. Perhaps you have a life lesson you need to learn before your healing happens.
After the session, I will ask you drink plenty of water to flush your toxins & follow up with a dream journal or keep track of emotional changes.

You will feel like -“Wow- I never knew I could feel like this”.

You see everything is energy- even thoughts & emotions. What Reiki does is help you to work thru all the memories & past issues that you’ve been stuck on resolving. It also helps just to relax. You don’t need to have a past trauma to benefit. All of your reactions today are based on what you’ve experienced in the past. All of them. Your past made you. Emotions take an energetic toll. This is seen in your Chakras. Every emotion- good and bad is visible in your Chakras. Chakras are your emotional traffic light. When everything flows clearly- you feel great. When you get bogged down by a negative emotion, your Chakras become slowed or blocked. Reiki removes the blockages caused by everyday stress to get you to a point of energetic balance.
Once we find a time that works for both of us, I will send you a longer dm explaining the details to the session. It’s ok to not recognize the feelings right away. More common, folks say they fell tingles & warmth so they know it’s flowing.
Reiki doesn’t predict the future- I don’t know when you will die. I do use crystals,they are a representative of you in the session.
I help you balance your energy & help foster healing. I am not the source of healing but the conduit. Reiki is a therapy. Like all therapies- you get out what you put in.

Why are my art & my tools different?

Everything has a frequency. I create tools to assist you in manifesting your intentions and desires. Take charge of your life & its direction by changing your frequency. As I create each piece, I raise its frequency to the highest possible level. Once you purchase an item, I infuse it with Reiki in your name. This ensures that the power will imprint to you as soon as you open it & take ownership. You are the only one that can wield the power in each item. Once you get it home it is ready to imprint with your energy to become yours & yours alone. To imprint the item, hold it in your hands & close your eyes. Feel the energy it holds. Visualize the power flowing from the item to your hands & your energy flowing to it. Welcome it into your home & thank it for choosing you. It is now imprinted to you.

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Reiki Principles

Just for Today

i will let go of anger 

i will let go of worry

i will give thanks for all blessings 

i will work honestly

i will be kind to every living being

Donations for Animal Reiki

From time to time, there are animals in need of reiki and their humans can’t afford it. I am accepting donations so that I can continue to provide Reiki care for their “children”. 

Reiki Lesson Theme of the Day

What folks are saying

You came in with a clean scent of fresh air and lavender. (That was taken over by sweeties pumpkin pie coffee scent, but that's nice, too 😊)
I felt a surge of heart beat through my whole body, and then a sense of well being, worthiness and a loving Light Spirit.
There was the usual slight weightlessness, floating sensation that I really do enjoy, and your unique energy imprint on the whole experience. 💗
Gonna bask in the glow for a bit, now.
Thank you, as always, for such a wonderful session.
It's always such a pleasure.


Hi Rishi.

Thank you so much for extending yourself and sharing reiki with me Sunday night. It was one of the most powerful sessions I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful for this experience with you. I am so grateful for you. I feel refreshed for sure. 💚.


My Karuna Ki Reiki sessions have been nothing but helpful and healing. These sessions have helped me feel more in tune with myself, the things going on around me, & the signs meant for me. I always look forward to my sunday night sessions, as it’s truly a fresh start to a new week.


Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin! When I first began working with Rishi, my head wasn’t in the best place. I actually stumbled upon her twitter by a promotion she had been running for one reiki session on a Sunday nightthat one of my followers had retweeted. Looking back, I feel as if it was the universe bringing her into my life. I immediately expressed interest and we set up my session. I was not sure what to expect, but I just knew that I could trust that she would do what was best for me and that was exactly what happened! I now have been working with her for months and every Sunday without fail she does reiki healing for me at the same time & works with me to figure out the best plan of action. She has even done some sessions before Sunday night when I was dealing with Sacral chakra issues causing intense stomach aches and anxiety. Every session I come out feeling different, reenergized and ready to continue with my weak. She has helped me overcome anxiety, my eating disorder and my body dysmorphic disorder. My favorite thing is she has always been clear that while she helps give you the tools and helps move energy blocks in you, it is still up to you (the client) to do the work to clear things. She doesn’t promise a “quick fix” like many people out in this community do. I can confidently say without her I would still be struggling with issues that I had once thought I would never resolve. I recommend her to anyone looking to increase their quality of life!


You’re powerful woman! Thank you ❤️


Thank you so so much! I am so blessed to have our sessions every Sunday, I really look forward to them. Helps my wholeeee week. You are the best ❤️❤️❤️ 


Thank you I will do❤so relaxed now 😘ready 2 sleep your such a blessing.