Today’s Reiki lessons focus on Balance. Take 20 minutes to visualize and reflect on the following themes:

Main: Balance

Chakra: Root

Crystal: Howlite

It will help to hold the stone as you visualize. Allow the stones energy to open your Chakras. If you don’t have the stone, it’s ok. Just picture yourself holding it.  See the stones power enter your hands & flow to the rest of your body. Feel the warmth of healing. See your Root Chakra being healed.

Main: Balance- From the moment we are born, we enter a world of opposites. Finding balance is not only a continual act of survival, but an ongoing right of passage as we gin understand of ourselves & the relationships around us. Left unchecked, attachment & addiction arise. Loss of balance is a loss of perspective & our way. What ways have we lost our balance? What attachments serve us no good? How can we get back to balance? What is a positive way to balance our emotions?

Chakra: Root- Located at the base of the spine, it is our primal energy center. Governs our basic survival needs. Also known as Tribal Chakra as it carries the qualities of our ancestors & a connection to the Earth. With a strong Root Chakra is a foundation of health & wealth - life will flourish, transform, & evolve. Affirmations: I am grounded, safe, secure.  I am connected to all life. The earth supports me.

Crystal: Howlite: Frequency: mid to high, Chakras: 3rd Eye & Root. This stone allows you to be true to yourself & your inner knowing. A piece in your pocket absorbs your own anger & any directed toward you. Facilitated calm & reasoned communications. Less is more- organize your headspace.

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