Take 20 minutes today to relax. Right before bed is perfect. Think about today’s themes. That’s it. Just think about them. Many times folks make visualization harder than it actually is.

It helps if you have today’s stone close to you. If you don’t have one, it’s ok, visualize it. Picture how it feels in your hands, feel the coolness, see the colors. See yourself holding it.

I prefer visualization over meditation. Too many people stress out when they think they are not meditating correctly. Everybody can visualize. Plus, it’s so much better for you to utilize energy than to meditate. The law of attraction becomes easier to obtain your desires. There is no wrong way to visualize.

Todays Reiki Lesson Theme

Main: Guardian Angel

Chakra: Crown/Guidance

Crystal: Rhodochrosite  

 Many times the Universe wants to get your immediate attention or wants to give you knowledge urgently so it sends Guardian Angels. Angels take many forms depending on the consciousness of the individual. For some it’s an actual angel, for others it’s a sign or synchronicity. Either way, it is a message from the Divine Universe. It’s time to really examine & reconnect with your angel message. Ask to speak with them.  You can raise the vibration of a request by being mindful of your thoughts & questions. Your request is never denied. Sometimes, you have to open your mind to understand the message. Be open to the idea that the Universe exists to help you thrive. All things are possible. 

You are being Divinely guided right now, in both seen & unseen ways. Open yourself to receive, trust, & follow the path unfolding before you. In order to receive help from the higher realm, you may need to raise your vibration. This is done with faith. Believe the Universe always answers you. Be willing to follow where it leads you. Many times, Guidance comes in the form of other people with distinct messages or subtle message like when you catch a whiff of blueberry pie in the breeze as a reminder to call your mother. Be mindful of who you surround yourself with. Are they supportive or do they tear you down? If you are open to it, you can learn a lesson from each person the Universe sets in your path. Trust your gut.

Karma is created in every moment by every thought & deed. Uplifting thoughts & positive actions ensure your future well being. Recognize your new beginning & fresh energy. Don’t push against the river- go with the flow. Let go of guilt. Guilt keeps you in your past.

Rhodochrosite is a rosy red to chilled rose pink & is the stone for the broken hearted. Anyone grieving- or those really needing to grieve- anyone suffering a major loss, a dying relationship, or an outdated idea of self. Use it when your heart hurts. You can feel all the feels- even most painful-and still be gentle with yourself. Let it remind you that this too shall pass & you absolutely will love again! Meditate & visualize with the stone over your heart. Place a small piece in your bra, or wear it on a longer chain to keep it close to your heart at all times. Cast your pain into the stone & allow it to fill you with relief.


It ok if you fall asleep during this visualization. Don’t worry, your mind will continue to process as you sleep. Make sure to keep a dream journal. It can be nothing more than a pen & scrap paper. Write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up. Do it first thing! Don’t go pee, or answer your phone. Write it down so you won’t forget. Sleep time is your higher self processing your day. When you sleep your soul speaks. Dreams are the language of your soul. This is the time of your day that you are closest to “heaven”. This is the world you came from & the one you will return to. This is why it feels so familiar, no matter how bizarre the dream. Pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you.

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