Take 20 minutes today to relax. Right before bed is perfect. Think about today’s themes. That’s it. Just think about them. Many times folks make visualization harder than it actually is.

It helps if you have today’s stone close to you. If you don’t have one, it’s ok, visualize it. Picture how it feels in your hands, feel the coolness, see the colors. See yourself holding it.

I prefer visualization over meditation. Too many people stress out when they think they are not meditating correctly. Everybody can visualize. Plus, it’s so much better for you to utilize energy than to meditate. The law of attraction becomes easier to obtain your desires. There is no wrong way to visualize.

Todays Reiki Lesson Theme

Main: Kindred Spirits

Chakra: 3rd Eye/The Mind

Crystal: Chrysocolla

 Like attracts like. No matter your beliefs, you can’t deny the feeling of familiarity when two kindred spirits meet. Many think  it do to past life relationships carrying over to this life. More likely, it is possible to have two folks grow up worlds apart & the have been raised in similar fashion & belief system. We all want to believe we are unique. On many levels we are exactly the same. If you open up to folks you will find you have a lot in common. To reach kindred spirit level, you have many commonalities. This is what allows us to form a bond. By raising your kids with the idea that they are unique & special separates them for others. We need to spend time telling kids it’s ok because we have many similarities, if we want to take steps to ending racial inequalities. Look for what we share rather than what divides. 

Our mind can be our greatest ally or our greatest foe. Close your eyes and take a snapshot of your thoughts right now. Are they holding visions of your highest potential or are the spiraling you in the other direction? It’s time to sharpen your awareness of the activity of your mind. You must train yourself to focus on the positive first & remain open to new ideas and concepts. Be willing to let go of rigid judgements and fixed perceptions. In order to learn to focus, you must allow yourself time to daydream. Don’t try to stop it by telling yourself you must focus- follow where it wanders instead. Learn why you think the thoughts you think. Pay attention to your patterns. Watch your self talk. Don’t use limiting self talk. Trust yourself- you are worth it. Take time each day to take a snapshot of your thoughts. Practice relaxing & not judging yourself harshly.

Karma is created in every moment by every thought & deed. Uplifting thoughts & positive actions ensure your future well being. Recognize your new beginning & fresh energy. Don’t push against the river- go with the flow. Let go of guilt. Guilt keeps you in your past.

Chrysocolla forms near copper ore deposits, Jensen the wavy blue/green swirls. Like materials used to make copper communication wires, Chrysocolla opens up all channels of clear communication. It’s best for anyone caught in the 24/7 onslaught of media fear & those that seem to never find the right words. Hold it on your upper chest when visualizing & breathe deeply. Use it when you feel small & vulnerable & are looking for someone to support you- but remember- you’re a grown up & you got this. Learn to self soothe. 

It ok if you fall asleep during this visualization. Don’t worry, your mind will continue to process as you sleep. Make sure to keep a dream journal. It can be nothing more than a pen & scrap paper. Write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up. Do it first thing! Don’t go pee, or answer your phone. Write it down so you won’t forget. Sleep time is your higher self processing your day. When you sleep your soul speaks. Dreams are the language of your soul. This is the time of your day that you are closest to “heaven”. This is the world you came from & the one you will return to. This is why it feels so familiar, no matter how bizarre the dream. Pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you.

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