Reiki (Ray-Key) is a holistic non-invasive treatment that promotes deep relaxation and supports healing. It is administered with gentle touch and reduces stress, pain, anxiety, and tension while bringing a person's system back into balance on all levels- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


⦁ Reiki treatments stimulate the body’s own innate wisdom for healing. Reiki works as a complementary treatment and supports any and all conventional medical treatments. 


⦁ During a Reiki Treatment - The Reiki practitioner gently places their hands in different positions on or slightly above the body while the patient, fully clothed, sits in a chair or lies on a bed or on a massage table. 


⦁ As stress, tension and pain are reduced, the body can begin to relax and release the trauma, illness, and imbalances. 


⦁ Reiki supports healing while bringing peace to the body, emotions and mind. 


⦁ Reiki treatments are adaptable to any environment and everyone can benefit. 


⦁ Reiki has no known contraindications or negative side-effects. 


⦁ Reiki is appropriate and helpful for people of any age and with any condition - newborns, children, teens, adults, and seniors.