About Me

I never knew what I wanted to do with my life. I was always different. I was taught natural healing medicine, generations back. All the women on my mothers side has passed knowledge of natural remedies, healing hands, & light work.

I am a disabled Air Force veteran & have spent many years in 9-5 jobs. All were management & all were healthcare. I had a love for medicine & a love for elder care. It was in the AF hospitals that I fell in love with Reiki.

When I was in my 20s, my father died. He didn’t want to pass in a hospital & asked if I would care for him at home until the end. As sad as I was, this was one of the most beautiful of my life. As a result, I don’t fear passing over & saw the power of Reiki as you pass over.

Several years ago I was in a terrible car accident that could’ve taken my life. Instead, it took my body. I spent over 4 yrs on bedrest and had 4 surgeries in as many yrs. Each surgery left me in a worse condition than the prior. I was in severe pain. I couldn’t stand, sit, or walk. I nearly gave up hope. I had been practicing Reiki & thought my career was over.

Something inside me told me to keep trying, I had a mission. I was blessed the day I found Reiki. I’ve spent several years studying & practicing. I am a Grand Master in Karuna Ki Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki. I have been attuned to over 20 levels.

My calling is to help people that are suffering. With Reiki, the healing isn’t coming from me. I am a conduit from the Divine Higher Power (God)  to my clients. I am honored to have been chosen & love going to work every day.

I am grateful to be of service to you.