Reiki FAQs

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy therapy founded by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki balances the human body Chakras, promotes holistic health and provides a deep state of relaxation. Reiki is pronounced (ray key) and is made of two Japanese words:  1)Rei-means "Higher Power" 2)Ki- means "life force energy". So Reiki means "Divine life force energy” Reiki practitioners do not heal. They are conduits through which Reiki flows-from the Universe to the individual.

How is Karuna Ki Reiki different than Usui Reiki?

Karuna Ki  is an advanced form of Reiki developed by Vincent Amador. Intended for Reiki Masters, it is called the compassionate healing energy. The purpose of Karuna Ki is to connect to the heart of ALL THERE IS and use that as the source to heal everyone and everything in the Universe.

How can you experience Reiki?

These are my 3 ways in which I send Reiki:

1. In-Person Reiki. The conventional way is an in-person session, where the client lies on a table and the practitioner lightly places or hovers his/her hands over various parts of the body. This is not a massage. This is a movement of energy/removes blockages according to clients needs, in order to restore physical/emotional/spiritual balance.

2. Distance Reiki. This can be done anywhere, at any time, and the Reiki practitioner and client do not have to be in the same location. Energy is not limited by proximity. Since Reiki is a frequency, it can be sent via meditative state without the need to be in the same room.

3. Reiki Infusion. Objects can be infused with high-vibrational, positive Reiki energy. Often individuals will infuse crystals or other spiritual items, but anything can be infused. They can be kept on you for energetic protection.  It is also great for clearing old, possibly negative, energy from spaces and items.

All Reiki energy flows to heal the patients greatest good. This means what you think you want may not be what’s you need. Reiki flows to heal your most needed & most beneficial areas.

Can Reiki heal medical/mental disorders & illness?

Reiki is used to help relax the patient & allows healing to flow better & faster. Reiki removes stressors from the body & mind to make them more receptive to treatments. Reiki works wonderfully in conjunction with Western Medicine & is not a replacement for a Dr apt.

What sensations can I expect?

Sensations vary per individual. You may experience a deep relaxation, sense of well-being, and improved mood. This can last up to 24-48 hours after the meditation or session. Common experiences include a tingling sensation, warmth, twitching or jerking. All are normal & none are dangerous. I specialize in Karuna Ki Reiki that specifically treats emotions. Many people become emotional or cry. This is normal as it is a sign your chakra blockages are being cleared. 

What is Karuna Ki Reiki?

Karuna is Sanskrit for “compassion in action”. Karuna Ki is a healing art of loving compassion. There are several aspects including Healing & Meditation, Chanting & Toning, Meditation &Mudras. Karuna Ki healing uses the connection to the way of Compassion to bring a person to heal and balance. Karuna Ki is Divine centered & dives deeply into your emotions to raise your frequency & connect you to your higher self. The healing energy comes from your Higher Power.

What do I do after a Reiki Session?

It is important to drink plenty of fluids to wash away any toxins. You may find dreams become more clear & you react differently to emotional situations. It’s important to keep track of these changes so you can understand your healing.

What if I don’t believe in Reiki?

I would highly suggest you spend some time reading about Reiki before you write it off. It uses principles of Quantum theory & has a long history of providing benefit. It is practiced at the Mayo Clinic & Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, as well as many other hospitals and clinics.  

 It is best that you remain open to the healing for each session as doubt can hinder your ability to recognize energy flow. This is a spiritual healing as well as physical. If you don’t believe you can be open to receive the healing, then this is may not be for you. My products & services are for people open to the power of Reiki healing. I do not have the desire to “convince” it is real.