Shipping FAQ

Do you offer handmade items?

All “My” items & New Art are handmade & handpacked with care.I use only recycled packing material. I don’t believe in buying new when I can recycle it.


What does “infused with Reiki” actually mean?

Each handmade item is created with Reiki energy. I use sacred symbols and words in each step of creating the item. Once you purchase an item I give the item a Reiki session as if you were in front of me. This charges the item with Reiki energy that is yours & only yours. It is ready for you to imprint energy with the item should you so choose. 

What about shipping errors?

Please enter all your shipping information correctly. The address I ship to is automated and exactly as you enter it. I don’t type in your information. Not responsible for shipping errors or damage. Must provide a current address. If item is returned to me, item is held until proof of address provided and you are responsible to pay for shipping a second time. Free shipping is only valid on certain orders and for first delivery.    If returned to me twice, your order is considered a donation and may be resold to a new buyer.


Can I get a refund?

All “My” items & New Art items are non refundable. You are paying for a service and my time. Please think carefully before you purchase. It’s my priority do every reasonable thing to make sure you are happy. Each item is infused with Reiki in your name. It is now personalized for you & you alone (or the person you are buying this for. Please make sure you indicate the new gift name via email, DM or note at check out).


What if there is damage?

I personally hand pack each of my items. Each item is carefully inspected & tested. In case of damage from shipping, please photograph it immediately & contact me within 5 days. There are no warranties made on “My” products or New Art items. There are no exchanges. Please choose these products carefully as each item is personalized to you. Not responsible for any damage occurring during & post shipping.


How long is shipping for “My” items?

My products are personalized, filled & packaged, & shipped in 7 business days in most cases. In the event of weather issues or large item shipment, it may take longer.


How are items shipped?

All “My” items are shipped via USPS with tracking numbers- usually 2 day shipping. Large items will take longer.


What about the other products?

I offer Reiki Fun Stuffs which are NOT handmade by me. I do not pack/ship these. I handpicked these items based on my good experience with them. If you are not happy-Please notify me within 7 days with any issues. Please take pictures immediately if there is damage. I started my product business to me able to share my favorite products with you. You are my priority.


How long does shipping take for Reiki Fun Stuffs?

Shipping for these products can take up to 2-4 weeks. This does NOT mean it will take that long- only that it may.


What are Amazon Affiliate products?

I have Amazon Affiliate products. This means you get the best, low price product from Amazon. I am compensated a small amount. You do NOT pay any extra. Amazon gives me a little bit for their charge to me for adding their products to my site. They pay the extra so you dont have to.