From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing: A Physicist's Journey to Mind and Healing

From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing: A Physicist's Journey to Mind and Healing

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Author: PhD Johanna Blomqvist

Edition: 1

EISBN: 9789529404193

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 294

Publisher: Mindstream Publishing

Release Date: 2018-05-26

Details: "In her book, From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing - A Physicist's Journey to Mind and Healing, Dr. Johanna Blomqvist provides a stimulating and informative introduction to the phenomenon of anomalous energy healing, along with the story of her own journey of exploration. I heartly recommend it to anyone who is drawn to the topic of alternative healing and desires to learn more about it." - Brenda Dunne, President ICRL, International Consiousness Research Laboratories

  • What is the "energy" transmitted in energy healing?
  • What can science and research say about energy healing?
  • Doesn't modern science rule out phenomena like this?
  • Does energy healing work and, if so, how?

  • Physicist Johanna Blomqvist's book will give answers to these questions.

    Astonishing accounts of healings omitted by mainstream media led her to a journey that is still continuing. In the book, she tells about her path to energy healing and her own extraordinary experiences. The obvious question was how to fit these experiences to the scientific model she had learned.

    Energy healing and such topics as subtle energy, the effect of mind on healing and remote healing are usually perplexing to those used to an everyday materialistic worldview. In the book, energy healing is approached from the viewpoint of known modern science. Could quantum physics give answers to energy healing? After all, one could say that according to quantum physics, we are all one and the same vibrating energy at the subatomic level. Besides quantum physics, the book also addresses the questions of mind and consciousness.

    The book has been written as an aid to those who wish to broaden their horizons or are already practicing energy healing, yet could use tools for telling others about it. The book is also meant for everyone who may be seeking support from complementary medicine.

    Languages: English