Gold Orgonite Pyramid
Gold Orgonite Pyramid
Gold Orgonite Pyramid
Gold Orgonite Pyramid
Gold Orgonite Pyramid
Gold Orgonite Pyramid
Gold Orgonite Pyramid

Gold Orgonite Pyramid

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This is an amazing 5” Orgonite Pyramid.. It is from my new collection that offers a supreme power & intention focus.
NOT for beginners! This is a powerful tool. Not a toy. NOT FOR CHILDREN.
Each are created with GrMaster Reiki & powerful intentions to deliver a highly sought after piece.
Features Gold Flake, Quartz, Moonstone, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Shell Inlay, Glitter, Seed of Life emblem.
At 5” base, 6” height- this is a beautiful piece that commands attention on your table or Altar. Used on table to block EMF in room & changes negative Chi to positive via Quantum Physics. Also be safe to hold during visualizations to bring a massive influx of positive energy to your manifestations. Much stronger than any wand.
Not for beginners. This is a powerful tool that can only be used by energy workers that understand their own power. Energy you put in is what you get out. It will never be able to be used for black energy or Magick - only positive.
Created over 7 days with positive energy meditations, creation energy and infused with Reiki in your name. This pyramid will imprint your energy making you the only one that can ever use this tool.
The main Crystal is Rose Quartz and has the properties of love, relationships, healing, growth, & new beginnings. Each of the crystals have their own properties and add their energy. Don’t be surprised if it starts to slightly heat up as it works. It a focal point and energy gateway for you to connect with your higher self, Angels, Guardians, Spirit Guides, and the Universe.
Also is perfect to be used during a Reiki session. Keep one in your Reiki room to amplify the energy of Reiki symbols. This supercharges both face to face & distant sessions. Amplify healing & elevate your clients experience.

Each are unique and not mass produced. Created to be the best possible tool, not just to look good. No two will ever be alike. Handmade one at a time over at least 7 days. I use the highest quality materials like non toxic Resin and high quality stones.

Results are not guaranteed, it depends on the skill of the administrator/user. This is one of the best tools you can use.

Infused with Reiki in your name to allow the piece to imprint your energy onto it the moment you open the box. The piece responds to you alone.

Make sure you enter correct shipping information. Not responsible for shipping errors or damages.

**No refunds/no returns** These are all personalized & one of a kind.

In the case of damage, Contact me within 3 days of receiving. Make sure to take pictures immediately of ALL packing materials & damage as you unpack the pyramid. The post office wants to see both damage & packing materials.

Be aware- if you drop it, you may chip off the points. This does NOT change the usefulness or experience in any way. It is still perfectly fine to use- it will still work 100%. Be careful when picking up & do not leave it in direct sunlight!