Hope Sun Ice Dagger/Athame
Hope Sun Ice Dagger/Athame
Hope Sun Ice Dagger/Athame
Hope Sun Ice Dagger/Athame

Hope Sun Ice Dagger/Athame

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This is an amazing 9” Ice Dagger/Athame. It is from my new collection that offers supreme power & intention focus.
NOT for beginners! This is a powerful tool. Not a toy. NOT FOR CHILDREN.
Each are created with GrMaster Reiki & powerful intentions to deliver a highly sought after piece.
Features Hematite beads, Selenite sticks, Aura Quartz, Elements Crystals, , sun charms, power generating symbols.
Used to cut energetic cords & to infuse Miracles into your Reiki client or your spell work. Can also be used on yourself. When a client needs hope in their life, as part of your session, point the tip at the Chakra the client needs help with & command the infusion of Hope using Reiki Master symbols or cut all energy cords attached to the client as your last step to a treatment. OR use to command a spell of Hope or to inspire the spell to work better than ever.
At 9” this is a beautiful piece that commands attention on your table or Altar.
Much stronger than any wand. Results are not guaranteed, it depends on the skill of the administrator/user. This is one of the best tools you can use.

Infused with Reiki in your name to allow the piece to imprint your energy onto it the moment you open the box. The piece responds to you alone.

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